SchemingMind Tuning FAQ.

Is it available only for Firefox? What about other browsers?

Yes. This extension is available only for Mozilla Firefox. I suspect it may work on some other Mozilla-derived browsers (surely it works on Iceweasel), but I have not tested it.

The extension does not work on Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari.

What about porting it to Internet Explorer?

I am a Linux user, so I do not use Internet Explorer and I am not interested in supporting it. Sorry. In case somebody would like to develop similar extension for Internet Explorer, I can share some thoughts (maybe even parts of javascript code), but I will not work on such a project myself.

What about Opera?

Opera does not support extensions as such, so the direct port is impossible. See Opera FAQ As significant parts of the extension could be implemented using Opera UserJs, I may take a look at it in the future, but surely not soon (if you use Opera and would like to see them, feel free to send me a message). Likely implementation would be to create many small user scripts, each performing one tweak, and let people to install those which they like.

Some preferences are invisible, can't be scrolled or resized

I don't really know why Firefox fails to provide proper scrollbar in some cases (it seems to me there is some problem in Firefox itself, although I can be wrong).

For some people it helps to resize the preferences window, then close it, then restart the browser (and reopen SmTuning preferences).

If not, there is a workaround. Open the following URL in your browser:


(just press Ctrl-L and enter this address where normal urls are usually shown). This way SmTuning preferences will be shown inside the normal browser window, where scrolling and resizing works properly.

Zoom icons are ugly, prefs lack icons...

Send me some images which I could use!

My own graphics skills are limited, so I just use randomly selected clipart. I would be more than glad to add something more visually appealing.

Why Fritz Wood is not scalable

Because it is not available in sizes greater than 32x32. Once somebody paints FritzWood in 40x40, 48x48 and 64x64, I would be more than glad to add it.

There are some sets with wooden background available in the extension, I plan add a few more in the future.

Is it possible to use some normal set for Makruk or Shatranj?

I feel that playing Makruk or Shatranj with normal set is very confusing, therefore the prefs window does not offer such a choice - you must use makruk set for Makruk, and one of the shantranj sets for Shatranj.

Nevertheless, if you really want, you may overwrite this setting:

  • type about:config in the firefox location bar (for example press Ctrl-L and then type about:config), you will see the long (and rather cryptic) list of firefox settings,
  • type smtuning in the Filter box and press enter, the list will be narrowed to the settings of my extension
  • locate extensions.smtuning.set_makruk setting, right-click on it and select Modify from the popup menu
  • in the displayed window replace makruk with igor_k, fantasy, default, or whatever you like (you must use the technical set name, if you are not sure what it is, just temporarily set this set for some normal variant and see how it is saved in the preferences)
  • repeat the same for extensions.smtuning.set_shatranj


Would you like to try the extension? Download it!


Release 2.1.1

Fixed replay of dark games.


Release 2.1.0

Zoom icons setting is sticky. Changed some per-variant pieces defaults and fixed capture chess setting being ignored.


Release 2.0.2

Rewritten to use current Firefox APIs (no more problems with signing, restartless install, new configuraton screens). Updated urls for schemingmind pieces.


Release 1.26.1

Three Checks 960 support.

Fixed a few problems happening in recent Firefox versions.


Release 1.25.0

Firefox 9.0 compatibility.


Release 1.24.1

Firefox 8.0 compatibility.


Release 1.24.0

Extension adapted to some recent website changes (especially new game list).


Release 1.23.0

Firefox 7.0 compatibility.


Release 1.22.1

Firefox 6.0 compatibility.


Release 1.22.0

Firefox 5.0 compatibility.


Release 1.21.2

Avatars removal works again.


Release 1.21.1

Fixed incorrect display of 32x32 images.


Release 1.21.0

Extension patched to work with Firefox 4.


Release 1.20.1

Extension patched to work after website changes made at Jun 7, 2010.


Release 1.19.1

Bugfix: analysis board labels were not swapped on boad flip. Better colors of conditional move and draw alerts when dark or black background is in use.


Release 1.19.0

Alerts about draw offers and conditional offers.


Release 1.18.1

Extension no longer refuses to install on Firefox 3.6


Release 1.18.0

Highlighting checks in Three Checks games.


Release 1.17.1

Support for Three Checks and Crazy Elephant.


Release 1.16.1

Fixed the bug introduced in 1.16.0 due to which many functions failed to work.


Release 1.16.0

Black and white skin added (style prepared by Ursus).


Release 1.15.0

Marked as suitable for Firefox 3.5.


Release 1.14.0

Fixed problem with no scrollbar in default piece set configuration.


Release 1.13.2

Fixed toolbar on narrow windows, added link to start new topic on top of the forum.


Release 1.13.0

Dark background option, shortening Private game note label.


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