Installation and configuration

The SchemingMind Tuning installation and configuration guide.


You must be using Firefox web browser. Install it from the Mozilla site, or from your favorite location (this browser is often available on different CD-ROMs).

I test the extension using version 2.0 (and 3.0beta), older versions need not to work.

Note that Firefox can coexist with other browsers, you may still keep using your Internet Explorer or Opera for other purposes.

First install

Once running Firefox, click the following link:


Firefox will notify you that it did not allow to install the extension (Firefox prevented this site from asking you to install software on your computer - or localized version of this message). Click the Edit Options... button placed right to the message, and then Allow.

Note: this means some trust. My extension (and any extension in general) could access your browsing history, save things you write in forms, etc. If you do not trust me, do not install my extension - or review it before installing, see How does it work chapter for instructions.

Then click the Download link again.

Once the download is finished (it should take at most a few seconds), firefox will ask you whether to install it. Click Install and restart the browser when prompted.

If you were using some of schemingmind greasemonkey scripts, disable them. The extension does the same (and more).


To upgrade to the newest version just click


and agree to install the extension.

If you already installed version 1.11.2 (or newer), Firefox should notify you about updates present (if any).


All the extension features are configurable via the preferences window. To open it, do one of the following:

  • open the Firefox extension manager (Tools/Add-ons), navigate to the SchemingMind Tuning item, and click Preferences
  • right click within the browser window while displaying some SchemingMind page and select SchemingMind Tuning options

Configuring pieces

Open the preferences window and visit the Pieces tab. In the Customize Size tab select the size you would like to use, then click Change button to display the list of available sets, scroll to the set you would like to use and click the button with its name.

The list of choices is different depending on the size selected, in particular if you are using 32x32 size, some schemingmind-supported pieces are available in addition to the bundled pieces.

It is usually recommended to use some scalable pieces (pieces available when you pick size diferent than 32). Only such pieces support zoom.

The changes are saved immediately (size once you switch the value in the drop-down, piece set once you select it), but are not applied to the already displayed pages. So, if you would like to test a few variants, just leave preferences window open, navigate back to the browser and open some game (or reload some already open game) to see the results.

You may observe some delays while opening the pieces configuration tab for the first time, and also after you change the size. The browser is dowloading images. Once it finishes it, all screens should work smoothly (and the images stay cached in your browser cache).

Configuring per-variant pieces

Per-variant configuration works similarly. Open preferences window, visit the Pieces tab, enable Enable per-variant set selection checkbox, and click Open configuration button placed below. You will see the list of all current assignments.

On Windows computer it may happen that the preferences window obscures the variant list, in such case you can simply close the preferences window.

Pick the variant you are interested in, click the corresponding Change button, scroll to the set you want to use and click the button with its name. Your setting will be saved and you will be returned to the list of variant assignments.

Again, changes are not applied to the already displayed pages - to see them applied, open new game (or reload existing game). So, for example, if you just opened some CrazyHouse game, and decided that it would be better to have CrazyHouse games in some other set, do the following:

  • right-click and pick SchemingMind Tuning options
  • enter the Pieces tab,
  • configure set for CrazyHouse as described above,
  • navigate back to the game window and reload it using the browser reload button

For every variant you did not configure, the set configured for standard chess is used.

Two games are treated in a special way: Shatranj and Makruk. For those, game-dedicated set must be (and is) used, so the choice is limited.

Configuring toolbar

To enable/disable the toolbar and to delete, rename, or reorder the toolbar items, open the preferences window, visit the Toolbar tab and use buttons available there (Up/Down to reorder existing items, Edit item to change label and/or url, Delete item to remove something).

If you do not mind copying&pasting addressess, the same procedure may be used to add new items. But there is slightly less troublesome alternative available:

  • open the page you would like to have linked in the toolbar,
  • open the extension preferences (or navigate back to them if they are already open),
  • click New item button to add new toolbar item,
  • click Use current page button to link the page you just visited,
  • add some short label of your choice,
  • repeat to add another links (you can keep prefs window open and just navigate back and forth between it and the browser window).

There exist one special url: %PREVIOUS%. It always links to the last game you visited (except the current one). It is intended to help people whose after-game preference is to go to the next game, or maybe to go to the games list - the button allows them to easily go back in those rare cases when they would like to revisit some game after making a move (say, to add conditional, or to view dark position after the move, or to verify whether the move was indeed a checkmate).

Configuring interface tweaks

Open preferences window, visit the Tweaks tab and enable/disable the features according to your needs. There is short explanation about each setting there.

Where are the preferences saved

All preferences are saved within your browser configuration. To see them:

  • enter about:config in the browser location bar,
  • search for smtuning.

Preserving/sharing the configuration

Since the version 1.7, the extension supports export and import of the configuration settings. This way you may easily copy your per-variant piece assignments, or your toolbar content between machines (or share them with a friend).

Exporting settings

During Export all your SmTuning preferences (all settings you made for the extension) are saved to the disk file. You may then copy this file to some other place, mail it to a friend, or just keep as a backup before experimenting.

To export, open the extension preferences window and go to the Exp/Imp tab. In the Export box enter some filename or pick it (using Browse button). The file will be overwritten, so it is usually recommended to give it some new name. It is also recommended to give the file extension .smt.

After selecting the file, click the Export button. After a short moment you should see a dialog box with confirmation message. That's all, your settings are exported.

Importing settings

To prepare for import, grab some previously exported file (for example copy it from another machine, save it from mail, or just locate it on a disk).

Open the extension preferences window and go to the Exp/Imp tab. In the Import box enter the filename of saved settings (or click Browse to locate the file).

Click the Export button. After a short moment you should see a dialog box with confirmation message. That's all, your settings are imported.


Would you like to try the extension? Download it!


Release 2.1.1

Fixed replay of dark games.


Release 2.1.0

Zoom icons setting is sticky. Changed some per-variant pieces defaults and fixed capture chess setting being ignored.


Release 2.0.2

Rewritten to use current Firefox APIs (no more problems with signing, restartless install, new configuraton screens). Updated urls for schemingmind pieces.


Release 1.26.1

Three Checks 960 support.

Fixed a few problems happening in recent Firefox versions.


Release 1.25.0

Firefox 9.0 compatibility.


Release 1.24.1

Firefox 8.0 compatibility.


Release 1.24.0

Extension adapted to some recent website changes (especially new game list).


Release 1.23.0

Firefox 7.0 compatibility.


Release 1.22.1

Firefox 6.0 compatibility.


Release 1.22.0

Firefox 5.0 compatibility.


Release 1.21.2

Avatars removal works again.


Release 1.21.1

Fixed incorrect display of 32x32 images.


Release 1.21.0

Extension patched to work with Firefox 4.


Release 1.20.1

Extension patched to work after website changes made at Jun 7, 2010.


Release 1.19.1

Bugfix: analysis board labels were not swapped on boad flip. Better colors of conditional move and draw alerts when dark or black background is in use.


Release 1.19.0

Alerts about draw offers and conditional offers.


Release 1.18.1

Extension no longer refuses to install on Firefox 3.6


Release 1.18.0

Highlighting checks in Three Checks games.


Release 1.17.1

Support for Three Checks and Crazy Elephant.


Release 1.16.1

Fixed the bug introduced in 1.16.0 due to which many functions failed to work.


Release 1.16.0

Black and white skin added (style prepared by Ursus).


Release 1.15.0

Marked as suitable for Firefox 3.5.


Release 1.14.0

Fixed problem with no scrollbar in default piece set configuration.


Release 1.13.2

Fixed toolbar on narrow windows, added link to start new topic on top of the forum.


Release 1.13.0

Dark background option, shortening Private game note label.


Detailed history