Features list

The SchemingMind Tuning extension augments SchemingMind web interface, adding some features to it.

What it does

The following features are currently available. All those may be individually switched on and off.

Large board

While the default SchemingMind interface offers only small board with 32x32 pieces, this extension makes it possible to use greater pieces (40x40, 48x48 and 64x64). Selected size is saved within the browser preferences, so you may use different size on laptop, and different on large LCD. A couple of different scalable sets are provided (see example pieces).


Zoom controls

Controls to zoom in/out the board page. The change is instant, no page reload is needed, any changes already made on the page are preserved.



Simple toolbar, displayed below the main menu, lets you access most frequently used screens with just one click. Toolbar contents are configurable.


Per-variant piece set selection

People playing variant games may assign different pieces to every variant. Did you ever make crazyhouse move in atomic game? Such mistake is far less likely when they look differently.


Save and restore analysis board

The position currently set up on the analysis board may be easily saved as private note. Just click the save icon to copy the textual description of the position to the notes box. Edit the description to your taste and save as private note.


When you revisit the game, every such note is displayed as a link. Just click it to restore the saved position on analysis board (both notes in a game text and notes under analysis board may be clicked).


Two intended uses of this feature are - saving a plan of some combination, and saving (and restoring) suspected position while playing the dark game.

Flip analysis board

Small additional control which let one flip analysis board without flipping the main board.

Comment box marked with color

The text in a comment box changes color depending on what is being written - it stays black for a public comment, but switches to red when you write a private note. You are less likely to mistakenly send private note to the opponent.


Alerts about draw and conditional offers

In case opponent offered a draw, extra notification is displayed above the board.


The same happens in case there is a conditional move.


Game window tweaks

The moves pane is scrolled down by default when you visit a game, so you will not miss your opponent comment, or a draw offer anymore.

Also, if you open a game using small browser window, it is scrolled so the most important parts (board and moves) are visible by default.

There is an option to replace Private game note labels with shorter Private.

Finally, some unnecessary empty space is removed.

Forum tweaks

Extra link to mark all posts as read is added on the top of the forum window - no more scrolling to find it (similar links are also shown for completed games and private messages inbox).


While visiting the individual forum the link to start a new topic is similarly promoted.


Forum avatars may be disabled, so loading the forum topics takes less time and animated images do not irritate you anymore.

If you do not speak German, Spanish or French, there is an option to hide national language forums from the forum list.

Advanced chess games marked with color

The games in which it is allowed to consult engines (Advanced Chess, Advanced Chess960, remote XFCC games where engines are allowed) are marked by using alternative background color.

Game list sort option

Simple dropdown which makes it easy to change the games ordering.


Signalling clock type with color

The clock icon has different color depending on the game pace (violet for Blitz, green for Fast, blue for Standard and brown for Leisure).


The necessary information is grabbed when the game is visited for the first time. Red color means that the game has not yet been visited since the extension was installed.

Export/import the extension settings

The extension settings may be exported to the file, and imported back. This makes it easy to copy them to another machine, share them with a friend, or backup them before experimenting.

This option is indented mainly to help managing per-variant piece set assignments, configuring pieces for all the variants may take some time.

Improved window/tab title

Instead of SchemingMind.com - Internet Correspondence Chess Club browser windows or tabs have titles matching the actual pages (like Forum, Completed Games, Standard Chess League, ...).

You get:


instead of:


Dark games replay configuration

On the pages showing finished dark games (Dark Crazyhouse, Sun Tzu, Dark Suicide etc) there is a dropdown which allow the user to select how the game should be shown: everything visible, white player point of view, black player point of view.


Three-check check highlight

In three-check-chess games checks are highlighted to make counting them easier.


Dark background

Those who dislike white background can switch it to dark:


There is also another dark color scheme available.

Note: this option is not enabled by default (and I am looking for better color schemes).


Those screenshots are slightly dated, but show some important features.

SmTuning in action (click images to enlarge):

SmTuning in action

Tuning some preferences:

SmTuning configuration screen

Available pieces

The extension supports many scaleable piece sets (prepared especially for it). See some examples.

While the standard size (32x32) is selected, standard schemingmind pieces may be also used. Exact number of sets changes from version to version, open the preferences window to check what is available in the version you use.

Fantasy, Spatial, Eyes and Skulls sets are made using graphics created and published by Maurizio Monge

Igor-K sets are made using graphics by Igor Krizanovskij distributed within Open ClipArt library.

Shatranj Tamerlane and Makruk sets are made using slightly edited graphics from tamerlane set distributed within Open ClipArt library.

I am interested in bundling new sets, especially scaleable (available in 32x32, 40x40, 48x48 and 64x64 sizes).

Future plans

The extension fulfills the role of experimental ground for the main service. I expect (and even hope) to see its features absorbed by the main SchemingMind site.

There are no strict plans of future developments, but every item on the wiki SuggestingImprovements page which may be implemented on the client is some candidate.

Feel free to send me suggestions of possible improvements.


Would you like to try the extension? Download it!


Release 2.1.1

Fixed replay of dark games.


Release 2.1.0

Zoom icons setting is sticky. Changed some per-variant pieces defaults and fixed capture chess setting being ignored.


Release 2.0.2

Rewritten to use current Firefox APIs (no more problems with signing, restartless install, new configuraton screens). Updated urls for schemingmind pieces.


Release 1.26.1

Three Checks 960 support.

Fixed a few problems happening in recent Firefox versions.


Release 1.25.0

Firefox 9.0 compatibility.


Release 1.24.1

Firefox 8.0 compatibility.


Release 1.24.0

Extension adapted to some recent website changes (especially new game list).


Release 1.23.0

Firefox 7.0 compatibility.


Release 1.22.1

Firefox 6.0 compatibility.


Release 1.22.0

Firefox 5.0 compatibility.


Release 1.21.2

Avatars removal works again.


Release 1.21.1

Fixed incorrect display of 32x32 images.


Release 1.21.0

Extension patched to work with Firefox 4.


Release 1.20.1

Extension patched to work after website changes made at Jun 7, 2010.


Release 1.19.1

Bugfix: analysis board labels were not swapped on boad flip. Better colors of conditional move and draw alerts when dark or black background is in use.


Release 1.19.0

Alerts about draw offers and conditional offers.


Release 1.18.1

Extension no longer refuses to install on Firefox 3.6


Release 1.18.0

Highlighting checks in Three Checks games.


Release 1.17.1

Support for Three Checks and Crazy Elephant.


Release 1.16.1

Fixed the bug introduced in 1.16.0 due to which many functions failed to work.


Release 1.16.0

Black and white skin added (style prepared by Ursus).


Release 1.15.0

Marked as suitable for Firefox 3.5.


Release 1.14.0

Fixed problem with no scrollbar in default piece set configuration.


Release 1.13.2

Fixed toolbar on narrow windows, added link to start new topic on top of the forum.


Release 1.13.0

Dark background option, shortening Private game note label.


Detailed history