SchemingMind Tuning History

This page contains SchemingMind Tuning release history.

Release 2.1.1

Dark games replay dropdown (clickable method to pick whether the game should show up white's, black's, or both sides point of view) did not show up. Worse: script failure on attempt to show it up caused whole extension to stop applying page fixes (and, for example, leave the pieces in original size).

Download release 2.1.1


Release 2.1.0

Clicking zoom icons causes new size to be saved as preference, just like changing the size in preferences window.

Capture chess piece assignment was ignored (could be picked and saved, but did not have any effect) - old omission, inherited from 1.* series. The fix should solve similar problems for good also for future new variants.

Changed some per-variant piece defaults (eyes for benedict and chicken, spatial for Alice, violet background for three checks, grey background for capture). Those are just defaults…

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Release 2.0.2

Extension was heavily rewritten to support current Firefox APIs, so Firefox should not complain about unsigned extension and some things work more smoothly.

Completely new configuration screens, which are a bit more usable (in particular shown in bigger windows), and can be open both from right-click menu, and from extension details page.

Updated urls for standard schemingmind chess pieces, so they are again usable (as long as 32x32 pieces are in use).

Dropped export/import of preferences (if someone misses this feature, let me know).

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Release 1.26.1

Three Checks 960 is supported: checks are marked, per-variant pieces can be configured for this game.

Toolbar looks better on new forums.

A few functions were not working in recent Firefox versions (one of the internal APIs I used disappeared) - clock colorizing, page autoscrolling, maybe more.


Release 1.25.0

Works with Firefox 9.0.

Download release 1.25.0


Release 1.24.1

Works with Firefox 8.0.

Download release 1.24.1


Release 1.24.0

Extension was adapted to some recent website changes:

  • colorizing clock icons on game list works again (also, data about games does not pollute about:config anymore),
  • saving analysis board state again automaically changes comment type to private note,
  • removed game-sorting-method dropdown as website provides their own,
  • toolbar should not obscure title anymore, and should always have background.

Download release 1.24.0


Release 1.23.0

Works with Firefox 7.0.

Download release 1.23.0


Release 1.22.1

Works with Firefox 6.0.

Download release 1.22.1


Release 1.22.0

Works with Firefox 5.0.

Download release 1.22.0


Release 1.21.2

The function of disabling avatars should work again (it stopped to work due to some changes in SchemingMind pages)

Download release 1.21.2


Release 1.21.1

Small (32x32 pixels) board images should work again (they stopped work recently due to some changes in SchemingMind urls).

Download release 1.21.1


Release 1.21.0

Extension has been marked as compatible with Firefox 4, so can be installed and used in this browser.

Download release 1.21.0


Release 1.20.1

Extension has been patched to work again after main SchemingMind website undertook some internal changes at Jun 7, 2010.

Download release 1.20.1


Release 1.19.1

Fixed bug: analysis board coordinates (A-H, 1-8) were not updated after analysis board was flipped. Now they are properly updated.

Changed color of alert about conditional move or a draw when black or grey background is in use (SmTuning setting) - to make it a bit better visible.

Download release 1.19.1


Release 1.19.0

If there is a draw offer, or if conditional move is offered, extra notification is displayed above the board, so the offer is not likely to be missed.

Download release 1.19.0


Release 1.18.1

Fixed problem with installation on Firefox 3.6 (previously extension refused to install on this browser although it was able to update from older version if previously installed).

Download release 1.18.1


Release 1.18.0

All checks in Three Checks games (in the game moves pane) can be highlighted to make them more visible.

Download release 1.18.0


Release 1.17.1

Support for two newly introduced variants - Three Checks and Crazy Elephant: per-variant piece configuration is available for them and Crazy Elephant games are displayed usign proper shatranj set.

Download release 1.17.1


Release 1.16.1

Fixed the bug introduced in 1.16.0 due to which piece replacement, variation saving and some other functions were (silently) not working.

Download release 1.16.0


Release 1.16.0

There is another dark skin available - the one with black background and white text, designed by Ursus. To use, visit the Other tweaks tab in preferences, enable Change background checkbox and select Black and white.

Download release 1.16.0


Release 1.15.0

The extension can now be installed in Firefox 3.5 (and it's betas). No functional changes.

Download release 1.15.0


Release 1.14.0

Default piece set configuration (the pane shown after clicking the Change button on the Pieces tab in the configuration window) did not work properly - the list of candidate sets lacked scrollbar, so only a few leading sets could be picked. This version replaces it with a popup window similar to the one used for variant sets configuration.

Download release 1.14.0


Release 1.13.2

Bugfix: on some windows (those narrow, like tournament search) toolbar was shown incorrectly (wrapped to the window height).

In case of individual forum, the link to start a new topic is shown on the top (right to the link to mark everyting as read).

Some dark mode improvements.

Download release 1.13.2


Release 1.13.0

There is an option to switch the site background from white to dark (not enabled by default). This is initial attempt, remarks welcome.

The Private game note label shown in the game history can be shortened as Private. Not enabled by default.

Download release 1.13.0


Release 1.12.7

Fixed problem: blindfold chess games were not blindfold while per-variant pieces were used (original blindfold pieces were replaced with usual chess pieces). Now everything should work correctly).

Download release 1.12.7


Release 1.12.6

Fixed problem: the per-variant piece assignment window failed to Open (XML error was shown instead). Bug introduced in 1.12.5.

Download release 1.12.6


Release 1.12.5

Fixed problem: Firefox 3.0.1 refused to install the extension, treating it as incompatible.

Some preparations for possible translated versions.

Download release 1.12.5


Release 1.12.3

Fixed problems due to which noticeable part of the extension functions failed to work in Firefox 3.0 final.

Download release 1.12.3


Release 1.12.2

Fixed bug: extension failed to display board (non-existant image signs shown instead of chess pieces) if one used Old Chess Book as SchemingMind-configured set (selected as default set in SchemingMind preferences, or configured for game folder). The same happened also for other .jpg sets.

Old Chess Book is available as replacement (extension supported) set - of course only if 32x32 size is selected.


Release 1.12.1

Fixed bug: version 1.12.0 always wanted to update itself, even though there was no new version available.


Release 1.12

Window/tab titles are improved - instead of - Internet Correspondence Chess Club they show the actual page title (Forum, Completed Games, ...).

On the pages showing finished dark games (Dark Crazyhouse, Sun Tzu etc) there is new dropdown which allow one to select the replay mode: seeing whole board, seeing what white player saw during the game, seeing what black player saw during the game.


Release 1.11.2

Chicken960 is supported by the per-variant set selection.

Next attempt to configure automatical updates correctly. I have hope that since this version is installed (one may need to do it manually), future versions will indeed be auto-updated by Firefox.


Release 1.11

The clock icon (small picture of the clock shown on the game list) changes color according to the game clock being used (for blitz it is violet, for fast - green, for standard - blue and for leisure - brown). Note: the effect is applied only to the games which were visited with the extension active, for remaining games the icon stays red (if you visit such game and return to the game list, its icon will change).

Fixed bug: if one reordered toolbar items without making other edits, the change was not saved.


Release 1.10

Small icon which flips analysis board.

Per-variant set selection is possible for newly added Capture Chess and also for formerly forgotten Kriegspiel, Full House, Dark1 and Dark2.

While saving analysis board, FEN: prefix is not added anymore.


Release 1.9

Saving and restoring analysis board state - special new button is added under the analysis board, clicking it copies textual description of the current position to the private note box. If such note is saved, those positions are converted into links, clicking such a link restores this position on the analysis board.

Added icon shown in the extension list, added lacking icons for configuration tabs.


Release 1.8

The extension is marked as Firefox3-compatible (and it seems to work in Firefox3-beta, although I did not test it in very detail).

Additional Mark as read links are provided not only on the forum topics screen, but also on private messages screen, completed games screen, and the list of all forums.

Dropdown with selection of the most frequently used game ordering options is now available on the game list screen.

The list of pieces compacted a bit (I withdrawed Igor-K vs Igor-K Shadow difference - those pieces were not noticeably different, now only the shadowed version is available).

Some minor tweaks of the preference pane (improved a few comments, reordered some items).


Release 1.7

Many new piece sets - a couple of new backgrounds added, and all combinations of piece/background available instead of just a few as it was previously.

An option to export SmTuning configuration settings to the file, and to import them back. Intended mainly to help people who use many computers, now they can fine-tune the extension in one place (configuring pieces per variant may take some time), export those settings and import them on the remaining machines.


Release 1.6

Added support for new scalable sets: Fantasy Brown, Igor-K Wood, Igor-K Walnut, Igor-K Paper, Shatranj Tamerlane Red, Makruk Grey. Also, Crown Jewels are added to the sets available in 32x32.

As after adding new sets archive containing it would be too large (about 12MB), images are not distributed with the extension anymore, but served from the wiki machine. You download only sizes you use. You may observe delays while loading some set for the first time (or after cleaning the browser cache), afterwards it should work normally.

Changed method of configuring per-variant sets: new dedicated window which shows all assignments simultaneously, so one can easily plan how to distribute sets among variants.

Main set selection is slightly more useable - you just click button with the name of selected set instead of marking set and then scrolling to find the Select button.

Added option to disable (do not display) forum avatars. This setting is off by default.

Fixed bug: checkbox labelled Per-variant set selection switched incorrect preference (board page scrolling).

Due to some internal changes, default set setting is lost after update, just open preferences and select it again. Other settings should survive upgrade.


Release 1.5

The effect of original images being displayed for some time before they are replaced with the extension images should be significantly less noticeable.

Additional Mark all posts as read link added on top of the forum page.

Option to hide other language forums (French, German and Spanish) from the forum list.

Fixed the bug thanks to which SchemingMind Tuning Options item was always present in right click menu. Now it should really be present only when you right-click on some schemingmind page.


Release 1.4

Improved toolbar color in high contrast theme.

Improved preferences window (hints about options meaning, toolbar on separate tab).

Added zoom in/out buttons on the board page.

Added option to switch background color in games where it is allowed to use engines.

XFCC games are handled like normal games.

Added auto-update URL (this should be last release to be manually updated).


Release 1.3

Drag&drop works correctly.


Release 1.2

Bug fix: if one switched to another browser tab while the game board page was being loaded, the game page was not augmented, moreover the toolbar could be painted on the page one switched to (which could be unrelated to schemingmind).

Bug workaround: as we are not able to handle drag&drop correctly in non standard sizes (people using drag&drop were not able to make moves), we disable it in such case.

More sets bundled (igor_k grey, spatial, eyes).


Release 1.0

First released version. Custom page size, per-variant piece sets, toolbar, board window tuning.



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