WatchBot is a FICS bot (automated program running on the chess server), which saves interesting games played there for future reference. It's main purpose is to preserve comments (whispers/kibitzes) made by the players and observers during the game.

Game search
Search and replay games saved by WatchBot - find games played by given player, or perform more detailed search.
Usage instruction
How to use WatchBot - minimal instruction.
Command list
The list of commands handled by WatchBot - detailed help for FICS tells interface.
Help funding this project
If you like WatchBot, consider supporting this project, it costs some money to keep it running. Also - some details about WatchBot hosting.
WatchBot support info - known bugs, frequent problems, where to ask for help.
Replay configuration
Configure the WatchBot game screen.
WatchBot statistics
Games with most...
Publishing WatchBot games
How to publish WatchBot game on external blog or website.

There are also some WatchBot-related articles on my blog. In particular, see:

WatchBot news
Some project news and articles. Subscribe to be notified about new WatchBot features.
How to write a FICS bot
Cycle of articles about FICS bot programming. Read it also if you are curious how does WatchBot look like internally.

Recent WatchBot-related blog articles:

On those pages I use some third party resources: LT-PGN Viewer (edited a bit to remove the functions I did not need and to use different graphics format), chess pieces by Maurizio Monge and from openclipart library, and unobtrusive date picker. Great thanks to the authors of those valuable tools!


See what is WatchBot and how to use it.

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Recent Games

lightknight(1946) vs. antvrs(1860) 1/2-1/2 (standard 45+45, 2024-07-23, 7 comments by 2 players)

mekk(2039) vs. araszek(1937) 0-1 (standard 45+45, 2024-07-23, 21 comments by 3 players)

fente(2114) vs. asdago(2085) 1/2-1/2 (standard 45+45, 2024-07-23, 35 comments by 3 players)

axeltiger(2373) vs. maras(2317) 0-1 (standard 45+45, 2024-07-23, 125 comments by 6 players)

maxmagnus(2057) vs. kliszek(1896) 1/2-1/2 (standard 45+45, 2024-07-21, 23 comments by 3 players)

lno(1913) vs. maxmagnus(2043) 0-1 (standard 45+45, 2024-07-20, 200 comments by 6 players)

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