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malcovich(2151) vs. jassch(2092) 1-0

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jassch (2012-08-05): 50....Kd4?? A huge blunder. This is a draw but it must be played precisely. My instincts were right but my calculation was wrong. The right move is 50....Kd5!!, paradoxically. This forces white to take with the rook and keeps the white king one file away from the queenside. And that's all it takes. Chess is sometimes a funny game.

malcovich (2012-10-02): 100% current...but your ridiciculous overenthusiasm of black's position during the game certainly is NOT! I mean, come on!

malcovich (2012-10-02): ok I wrote that while I was drunk...I meant 100% correct but your ridiculous over-enthusiasm etc...

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